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I had always been overweight, but I had reached my highest weight ever in the summer of 2011. I had weighed in at 275 lbs., I finally realized that it was time to start dieting and going to the gym to lose weight. Besides high school gym class I had never worked out a day in my life. I joined Odyssey in August of 2011 and I had also signed up for a personal trainer. With the help of trainer Paul Pruce I have dropped over 30 lbs. in a little over 6 months. I am still about 30 lbs. away from my goal, and I am hoping that with continued help from Paul, that I will reach that goal soon!


…Today her father came in & joined! He said his daughter has lost around 35lbs since starting her training with Dawna. Her speed has increased as a pitcher for her softball team at school, she smiles more often and is extremely thrilled with how she looks, acts, thinks & feels. Her father COULD NOT give Dawna enough praise!!! Dawna has not only impacted this girls life in tremendous ways with physical fitness but she has helped her to motivate her father to get started on a path to healthier, happier person.


I have incorporated good habits into my daily routine and the youth program is amazing as well. My son is really excited about going to the gym and his excitement totally motivates me to be on point. I’m already taking up a little “less space” and that was my ultimate goal.

It’s a great atmosphere and all of the staff are friendly and helpful. I lived in Wilkes-Barre for 10 years and never thought I’d find a gym at a quality and caliber as my home town Philadelphia. Who would have known that there was one right there in my own back yard for the whole family to enjoy.


…She made me feel very comfortable with the exercises I would be performing. She takes a strong interest in teaching me my stretches, movement prep, and strengthening exercises. She constantly watches that I protect my lower back and reinforces to me proper form and technique throughout all my exercises so that I do not injure myself. This is what I needed…

I have been working with her not for almost six week and I have not experience any setbacks. I am constantly getting stronger and I continue to move forward with new and advanced training exercises.

Gerry Gillis

…While training, we achieved a variety of things we never thought we could do: one of those things, holding a pull up!

Through our experience we have gained the knowledge to become more physically independent without fear of doing exercise moves and holds incorrectly. We have reached our goals of improving physical strength and have done things never thought we could do. We have no only found an expert trainer but have formed a great friendship as well. We would recommend personal training at Odyssey Fitness to anyone who wants to gain knowledge in exercise physiology and improve on his or her fitness level.

Kaycee and Amanda Hughes





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